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Shopping in Chengdu

Chengdu is not only the paradise of special snacks, but also an ideal place for shopping. As a traditional area for silver inlaid technology, Chengdu shares its reputation with Beijing, which is famous for the applied weaving technique. And Chengdu is abundant in Shu Brocade and Embroidery. As the other local craft from silkworm breeding and mulberry growing, Shu Embroidery in Chengdu has enjoyed a reputation for superb craftsmanship. Besides, there is a great variety of commodities, such as lacquer ware, Wuliangye, Luzhou Lao Jiao, Quanxing Da Qu and so on.

What to buy

Shu Brocade and Embroidery

Shu brocade has a long history dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907), when it was exported overseas to Japan and as far as Persia. Shu Brocades features various colors and unique styles. Shu embroidery appears on quilts covers, pillow cases, clothes, shoes etc. Tourists can buy one from stores along the streets for no more than 300 Yuan. Address: Hongqi Shopping Store in the middle of Shudu Street

Ornaments and Handicrafts

The road opposite to Wuhou Temple is the place that gathers a lot of Tibetan-style ornaments and handicrafts. The gift shops near the Lotus Pond and handicraft stores in front of Hongqi Store have excellent Sichuan brocade for tourists to choose.

Shu Brocades and Silk Embroidery

Chengdu is famous for its glorious silk brocades and fine silk embroidery. The Institute preserves ancient patterns and techniques, and designs new ones. They have some wonderful old looms, and the attached factory outlet offers everything from tiny souvenirs to beautiful brocades and some magnificent hand-woven pieces that simply can’t be produced by machine. Recommended Shopping Site: Hongqi Shopping Store on Zongfu Street.

Local Products

Chinese alcohol, tea and local food also deserve a try. Wuliangye, Luzhou Lao Jiao, Quanxing Da Qu and Jiannanchun are all top-ranking alcohol brands. Jasmine tea, Maofeng tea, hot pickled mustard tuber, mix-flavoured horsebean, Lao Cheng Du (Old Chengdu), Dengying (shadow) dried beef (so thin that light can shine through it),

Liu Yang Gou dried beef, etc, can be gifts for friends back at home. In particular, there is something special about Dengying dried beef. More than 80 years ago, a Mr. Liu made a living by selling picked beef. When his business dragged, he was forced to create new products. Thus a thin sliced dried beef came into being. Mr. Liu set up a stall, placing a lamp behind his sliced dried beef. This attracted people and the crispy hot beef became popular. (*Check your country's Customs restrictions before buying foods to take home.)

Where to buy?

Here are lots of shops and supermarkets converge at Chunxi Road, Zongfu Road and Luomashi Area. Here you can shop for a huge range of wares, almost with everything from souvenirs and street stall items to supermarket and department stores goods on offer. Chengdu’s shopping markets will not disappoint your eagerness of shopping here.

Chunxi Road

Chunxi Road, covering an area of 20 hektares, is the most typical and prosperous commercial pedestrian street in Chengdu. There are more than 700 shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets and especially small stands widely scattered in the areas around it. On this road, tourists can buy products ranging from souvenirs to living and travelling necessities. Department stores, boutiques, modern cafes, a spacious square and pretty Chengdu girls will leave you pleasant memory about Chunxi Road. Therefore, visiting Chunxi Road is a absolutely necessary part during your travel in Chengdu.

Jinli Street

Jinli is one of the most ancient commercial streets in Xi Shu area. It was famous throughout the whole country in period of Sanguo, and now it is an important commercial and tourist street in Chengdu. Nowadays, it relies on Chengdu Wuhou temple, keeping spirit of Qinhan and Sanguo, appearing with scenes of Ming and Qing, filling of folk-customs of western Sichuan and enlarging the extension of Sanguo culture. With a length of 350meters, Jinli condenses the essence of Chengdu's life: teahouses, hotels, bars, playhouses, flavor snacks, craftworks, and local specialty. All these things sufficiently exhibit the characteristic charm of Sichuan folk-customs.

Songxian Qiao Antique Market

It is a big market with communist relics, old porcelain dishes, jewellery, calligraphy equipment and also some Tibetan stuff. Great bargains can be found here if you are into antiques, jewellery, and gifts. The market is located in Qing Yang District (Close to the Green Ram Taoist Temple in the western city, from the temple walk straight west, it is on your right hand side after you crossed the bridge over the channel).

Lotus (Hehuachi) Wholesale Market

A huge area of shops selling all kinds of local stuff from clothes to kitchen ware and home decoration to toys. The area employs over 100,000 people and its daily sales are over ¥10 million. The market is next to north railway station, take the metro there and cross the road to SE block.

Wuhou Tibetan Area shops

About two blocks of shops adjacent to Wuhou Temple selling clothing, textiles, jewelry, Tibetan music etc.

Panda Toys. All sorts of plush pandas, and other panda trinkets, are sold at the gate of the panda base, as well as ones of a slightly higher quality at the shop inside the panda base itself.

Galleria, (Next to Auchan and Ikea near the crossing of Renmin South Road. and 3rd Ring Road.). New international standard shopping mall with about 200 stores and naturally a lot of international brands.

Supermarkets are located throughout the city, although the selection of imported foods is limited.

* Chengdu Shu Brocade Factory

  Address: 1 Caotang East Road

* Sichuan Antiques Shop

 Address: 6 Shaocheng Road, Shudu Avenue

 * Chengdu Bamboo-weaving Arts and Crafts Factory

  Address: 12 Jiefang Road

 * Sichuan Arts and Crafts Store

 Address: Sichuan Exhibition Hall, 16, Renmin Middle Road.

 * Chengdu Lacquer wares Factory

 Address: 81 Jinhe Street

* Chengdu Classics Bookstore

 Address: the south end of the North section of Chunxi Road