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Tipping in Chengdu

Make your Chengdu holiday a pleasant experience by remembering that most Chengdu people view tipping as more than just an optional sign of appreciation. In much of the service industry wages are relatively low, with the expectation that gratuity will supplement a worker's income. Tip RMB 10 - 20 at hotel staff and Westernized restaurants. Locals pretty much never tip at pubs, bars and clubs, so you can do as the locals do.

There is no need to tip a taxi driver or waiters in Chinese restaurants, roadside sellers and so on.

Local Chengdu Tours doesn't include tipping in the tour quotations unless specified. So on an organized tour, it is recommended to tip the guide and driver. The amount of your gratuities to the guide and driver are based on the satisfaction you have received from them. The usual amount is about 150-200 RMB/day (for a group) to a guide and half amount to a driver (a separate offer to them is better) if their service satisfy you. Of course, you can pay more or choose not to pay on different occasions. Tipping in cash is widely accepted, while some little gifts like cigarette, wine, perfume and other nice foreign things are also good ideas.