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Sanxingdui Museum

Sanxingdui Museum is a modern ruins thematic museum of China, located in the northeast corner of the national key units of Sanxingdui. It is 38 kilometers north from Chengdu and 26 kilometers south from Deyang city.

Sanxingdui Museum covers an area of about 33 hectares of which the afforested area is over 80%. The environment in the museum is very beautiful and the layout is quite elegant. And it reflects the perfect combination of human and nature. There are two exhibition halls in the museum, including the First Exhibition Hall and the Second Exhibition Hall. The display area is nearly 12,000 square meters. The First Exhibition Hall is a comprehensive museum which exhibits gold, copper, jade, stone, pottery, etc. while the Second Exhibition Hall is specially used to exhibit bronze.

The whole design of the museum is simple, but with a solemn style. The flame is peculiar. The main object is a deformed spiral. It has the poetic charm with historical, geographical features and cultural art. It fully shows the broadness and profundity of Sanxingdui culture.

There are many architectural breakthroughs in the designs of Sanxingdui Museum. Modern technologies (sound, light, and electricity) are used to show the charm of the ancient site. The displays also provide foreigners with information about the history of China.

Sanxingdui Museum has been known as a cultural place of interest both at home and abroad. It is one of the most important five tourism scenic areas in Sichuan. It is one of the 50 places most worthy of visiting in China for the foreigners. It is also the national youth science and technology education base.

Ticket Sales time: 8:30 - 17:00

Opening Hours: The First Exhibition Hall 08:30 - 18:00, the Second Exhibition Hall 08:30 - 18:30

Ticket price: ¥80

Chengdu Sanxingdui Museum

Sanxingdui Museum

Sanxingdui Museum